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Sessions with Pradeep are a deep dive into the self.  A master of the science of spirituality, he is able to offer his guidance to understand your soul and it’s journey. Anyone who has a deep desire to seek knowledge of the self, Pradeep can guide. The sessions are intense and the one who is willing to take the plunge to unearth the self, it will be very rewarding experience. The divine self is pure and once unearthed, distances itself from fear and gives birth to a new being. To some it might be a mere workout and to others, a miraculous experience. What would be the gain is entirely up to each individual, the possibilities are LIMITLESS! 

A denim clad guru, he gives you the comfort and ease you would get from your next door neighbor. Hug him, touch his feet, shake his hands or a Namaste, you will receive the same warmth and the loving smile which will reverberate the self!

Manoj Menon, Dubai.

It is a great feeling and spiritually elevation these days all thanks to Guruji's words of wisdom and guidance. Guruji has really changed the way I look at the world and how world is looking at me. When I say "I am fine" I am really feeling the same. This great fortune came my way due to my colleague who introduced me to Gurjui's world.

All was not rosy a few months back, life was going through a rough and emotionally draining patch with my dear father's demise, family issues and work related pressures. There was fear for everything in my life and I was petrified for any issues. Guruji sat with me and discussed my issues and provided solutions, strength to face life and broadened my view of life and path to spirituality and good health. Each meditation session with Guruji is unique, exhilarating, spiritually enlightening. Every session is a scientific approach to attaining heights of enlightenment, energizing the whole being and spiritual progression.

Sooraj Padman, Dubai

Dr Pradeep Ullal is a inspiring Guru, Friend, Mentor, Guide, Healer, Musician... I could go on and the adjectives wouldn't end... I was always on the look out for a teacher who could guide me on my path to finding myself and finding my way home to the source.... I found this in Guruji who not only challenges you but empowers you to bring out the best in you by yourself. I met Guruji in the midst of a turbulent time.. I was overweight after having a baby and lacked self confidence.. however, in a matter of three months I shed over 18kgs.. in a healthy balanced way... he guided me to let go of unwanted thoughts and made me connect to the core of my being and to learn to love and accept myself.

Practicing Sarva Shakti Kriya Sadhana has made me fit, energetic and confident to go about my life with a renewed sense of purpose and vigour to serve... the knowledge I continue to learn from him about Nada yoga and about the nadis and chakras and the Kundalini Shakti is tremendous which he imparts through guru kul forms of teaching where we need to rely on experience and our listening and absorption .. rather than modern day style of taking down notes... this is a powerful way to let the information sink in and for us to contemplate on the same to discover it's true meaning.. I have experienced several unique experiences under his guidance for which im in deep gratitude for and I am certain that the Kevala Celebration Centre that he has been working on will be a culmination of a rich tapestry of life in its most abundant and jubilant form. I cannot wait for this project to come to life and experience it first hand.

Ms. Devika Valsraj, Dubai

I would like to thank you ?Pradeep Ullal for helping me on my spiritual journey of raising my consciousness and awareness. The progress made since I started working with you is enormous - I am in awe of how beautiful and elevated I feel within today. You have been and still is a fantastic teacher, especially because you empower your students individually to trust and believe in themselves. Your most powerful teachings have been "There is nowhere to go, nothing to achieve, and you are perfect as you are right now". This I found very hard to trust and believe. It is a journey and everything I have done alongside your teachings has reinforced everything you have taught me and made it even more powerful to the point of helping me grow even faster with increased faith in myself. When I first started out I felt nothing - completely unaware of the flows of energy within - and now that I feel the energy flows and the vibrations rising continuously - I am addicted! The weekly meditations are invaluable and have helped tremendously - the most recent one, where you increased the frequency of the energy work, has left me 'light as a feather' - completely peaceful and elevated within as if I am pure light with no boundaries. This is what I imagine taking drugs must feel like - difference is, that this appears to last with no side effects other than immense gratitude and love! I feel alive and as if my journey has just begun! With love and gratitude.

Mrs. Gitte Kolandjian, Dubai

Pradeep has been instrumental in assissting, guiding and mentoring me through the years. I met him when I attended a yoga class he was instructing and a few monrhs later I began attending his meditations. His journey has been an amazing one of transformation and healing and he happily and sincerely shares his learnings with others. He is kind, encouraging and guides with an open heart. May he be blessed and continue to be empowered in assissting humanity in its transformation on earth at this time.

Mrs. Zarine Dadachanji, Dubai

My sessions with Pradeep have been an ongoing celebration and a life-changing experience. I met him when I felt I was reaching a ceiling I did not know how to break. Even though I am still in the very early stages of this journey, I have resumed an ongoing joy that reminds me how I should have been feeling when I was a child - a feeling I had long forgotten. In parallel, there is a constant sense of peace, innocence and quietness that allows for creativity to flourish and long-delayed decisions to be made. There is a lot in the universe that we do not know and a lot that we have not been taught how to search and how to experience. I am lucky to be getting even a small glimpse of all this greatness.

Ms. Konstantina, Sakellariou, Dubai

Thank you for the wonderful transmissions. I am seeing many shifts happening in my life! I have needed a lot of integration time lately, as I realized how powerful the transmissions are.

Bryan McClellan, USA

First of all thanks a ton for coming in my life, we are blessed after meeting a powerful & Positive soul like you.

You have taught us what's the right way of approaching to the Journey of Spirituality. We have regular Meditations under your guidance & had experience of Kundalini rising to the level where you feel that you have achieved everything & are ready to do anything for this achievement.

I have experienced Lord Shiva in you in many of Sessions, the moment we use to get Shaktipath from you, I use to experience that as if I am on Himalayas, It was very different combination of heat due to Kundalini movement & cold due to Shaktipath & coming back to this world from a beautiful Journey.

I would like to thank you once again, as after meeting you I realize the fact, that how to remain calm & happy even in your tough days.

Rajesh Nathani, Dubai