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Action Plan for Members of Kevala, Inviting a Vibrant Community at Kevala

Kevala offers an atmosphere of community living. All life members will pool in their suggestions, and ideas to enrich the spiritual community at Kevala. All efforts will be directed to ensure that we connect with core objectives of serving humanity while we work together harmonously as a caring community. We will generate action plans through Member Symposiums. This will provide opportunities to connect with world wide community members and pool ideas to make a difference to the world. Members are welcome to invite their like-minded friends to join and grow the community.Do write in to us at info@kevalafoundation.org and let us know why you are keen to becomea Kevala Community Member.

A vast majority of Earthlings on our planet are going through suffering. The problems that our societies face are not because of ignorance. It is owing to assumed knowledge that often leads to control game of ego, anger, fear, drama and so on. We are victims of a conspiracy to makes us limited and helpless at the mercy of greedy politicians. At Kevala, we encourage aspirants to rise above the ordinary struggle. We inspire people to get into actions that help them to Explore, Experience and Elevate. This leads to awareness and eventually an awakened state of realization. We also inspire people to reach out to souls that need help and support them with many ways. Kevala Foundation is a powerful movement to serve humanity. We welcome you to join hands and help us make a difference to the lives to many people on this planet.