World Yoga Alliance TTC

Yoga Teacher Training Courses: Kevala Foundation offers 200 hours / 300 hours / 500 hours Yoga Teachers Training courses to those who qualify our selection and screening procedures. The course includes Himalayan Yoga, Himalayan Kriya Yoga, Swarodaya, Surya Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga therapy & healing, Yoga theory, Yoga anatomy, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Nada Yoga, Laya Yoga and Meditation.

Our courses will help you to enhance your awareness of Yoga and you will be able to build on your own yoga foundation and take up teaching yoga in all sincerity as the in-depth study will make you proficient in yoga practices.

Our intensive, intricate programs will be conducted at the sacred energy center of Kevala Celebration Center at Chikmagalur in India. We will combine advanced himalayan techniques of Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Nada Yoga and Laya Yoga classes through Meditation and Satsangha as a part of the program.

The aspirant will be ushered into an immersive experience of a powerful yogic life style designed to totally transform his/her nature into a Yogi state of being. Our training programs at Kevala Foundation is regarded as Heights of Yoga, as it ushers aspirants to derive a powerful, lasting experience that inspires them to access the true benefits of yogic journey. The deep dive into exploration, defines the depth of experience and eventually elevates the state of being. It is crucial that we break the usual patterns of a ritualistic method and bring a wave of creativity, free-spirited compassion, flow, and passion towards accessing the awareness and sharing it with aspirants.

We enable teacher aspirants to integrate their body, breath, mind, heart, brain into a powerful unitary awareness. This enables alignment, balance, coherence, unity in the practices that eventually enables a deeper realization of the yogic journey. More importantly the focus is on attaining blissful union within.

We have great advantage of being guided by a Maha Shiva Yogi Dr. Pradeep Ullal who has access to direct knowing of these ancient yogic sciences and has immense ability to relay the cosmic rays which enable the teacher aspirants to absorb the essence of yogic journey, in the himalayan way. We have guided many beings on the path of the mystical, magical and magnetic himalayan path through profound and simple techniques that make it easy to access the awareness.

Our World Yoga Alliance Certified TTC training programs are guided by Yogacharini Amritaji who has over 11 years of teaching experience and has trained aspirants in Africa, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal. She is a certified teacher in the tradition of Rishiculture Asthanga Yoga from International Center for Yoga Education and Research, (ICYER), Puducherry, India.

Get ready for the magical Yoga teaching journey:

Are you ready to bow to a vast intelligence, to drop the disconnected perspectives that have exhausted you and weave yourself back into the web of life in ways that nourish your body, mind and soul? Are you searching for ways to get real with yourself - to unravel and thrive - to shed the conditioned patterns that mask you and liberate your life force, creativity and knowing? If the answer is YES, then our courses are a path way of self-discovery that could fundamentally transform your life and prepare you to teach the himalayan yogic path work.

On completion of training, an International Yoga Teachers Training Certificate will be issued to successful aspirants, with a unique Teacher ID number from World Yoga Alliance (WYA), which will meet WYA's basic standard of CYT (Continuous Yoga Education Standard). With this certificate, you will be qualified to teach Yoga world-wide and also your name will appear on World Yoga Alliance International Teachers Directory. Further you will be able to register with World Yoga Alliance as RTY (Registered Teacher of Yoga) for 200 hrs / 300 hrs / 500 hrs levels, after gaining minimum 400 hours of teaching experience for each level of 200h, 300h & 500h. World Yoga Alliance (WYA) affiliation and registration is recognized world-wide as an International Yoga Teacher / Instructor.

Cost: USD.2300/- per person
Includes: Accommodation, food, tuition, World Yoga Alliance certification, pick-up & drop from Bengaluru Airport to Kevala Foundation and back by car.
Excludes: Air fare to Bengaluru Airport.

Join in our program for a life transforming journey at Kevala Foundation. Write to us at or call us on :

Mob: +91-9816481050 (Yogacharini Amritaji)
Mob: +91-8088059063 (Dr. Pradeep Ullal)