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Dr Pradeep Ullal offers to aspirants an elevating journey of Sampoorna Shakti Sadhana. Sampoorna means complete, Shakti is the creative intelligence that governs and awakens us, and sadhana is the process of uprising of the sublimated Maha Prana Shakti into the Jyotirlinga, pillar of unreflected light. The sadhana routine is an inspired amalgamation of scientific and profound ways to cleanse, purify, and ascend the awareness. In this process we integrate the whole body, breath, heart, brain, chakras, gateways in our subtle bodies by fine tuning and streamlining the flow of prana across the entire energy grid. I inspire you to move from a repetitive sadhana routine into an absorbed state of progressive awareness with intense action, focus, observation and penetration. This is a live demonstration of the sadhana brought to you by Kevala Foundation and is a part of series of intense purification routines. Thousands of aspirants across the world have regularly practiced this sadhana and healed themselves to lose excess weight, dissolve pain, negative stress, karmic resistances, engraved memories, latent impressions, diseases, habits, patterns and conditioning. Sampoorna Shakti sadhana has been evolved through inspiration from cosmic downloads and creative intelligence to fine-tune and streamline frequency and help you ascend your awareness quickly, safely and powerfully.

The process of sadhana will help you realize the true essence of your journey on this plane through purification and awaken the remembrance of your truest expression and nature of the being.

Sampoorna Shakti Sadhana Video is available in DVD and MP4 and Audio formats.