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Retreats offered by Kevala Celebration Center:

Ayurvedic Treatments::

Panchkarma : Our Panchakarma therapy includes advanced treatment for the evacuation of vitiated Dosha (toxic materials) from the body. One can consider this as a body de-tox program. There are so many subtypes of this therapy and different types of herbal massages, fomentation's such as steam, external oil treatments, Basti (medicated enemas), Virechana (purgation through herbs), Vamana (emesis through herbs), Nasya (nasal administration of oils) etc. are also incorporated. These practices are extremely helpful in relieving deep seated diseases as well as being beneficial for maintaining and improving physical and mental health. 

Traditional Yogic Massages:
 Unlocking the body locks and streamlining the prana flow along the meridians

Science of Vibration: 
Cleansing through chants, mantras, intonations, overtones, Nada Yoga Healing

Habits/ Pattern Cleansing Techniques:
 Nadi Shodhana, Surya and Chandra Bhedhana, Mana Prakshalana, Chakra Shodhana, Karma Kshalana, Vritti Haranam, Vyadi Kshamatam, Antahakarna Shuddhi, and so on.

07 Days Retreat: Dates to be announced, Facilitated by Dr. Pradeep Ullal

Rejuvenation Retreats:
Human body has around 100 trillion cells and 1000 trillion bacteria within. Thousands of cells are born and degenerating every second. Ageing is a natural process. Age doesn't define our levels of wisdom or ability to tap into awareness. Rejuvenation is ability to arrest or retard the progressive degeneration of cells and sustain state of well-beingThe major part of our journey is dictated by negative stress build up Indian sciences of Siddha offer kaya kalpa treatments to revive the body from its low vibrancy state. 

We guide aspirants on the path of awareness by enabling them to experience a healthy, balanced, vibrant through detoxification, restoration through yogic massages, herbal treatment, kriya breath work, and advanced yogic techniques of Surya Vigyan, Nada Yoga and Swarodaya.

07 Days Retreat: Dates to be announced, Facilitated by Dr. Pradeep Ullal

Ayurveda Retreats:
Kevala Celebration center is a unique sacred space where you can experience the best of ancient Ayurveda traditions the middle of thousands of acres of forest. We invite you to come and experience, rejuvenate, heal and transform your body and mind with Ayurveda (the Science of Life). If you are looking for a specific treatment, rejuvenation, or simply to get away from the stress of modern life, we can offer you the best wellness experience possible according to your time, health, needs, and budget. For us, you are not just a customer, but an opportunity to share our knowledge of ancient rishi traditions.

A few unique things we can offer you:

Experience: Heaven-on-earth
All our herbal medicines and techniques are safe and monitored by qualified and experienced professionals. We offer you a Spa, which we call it Heaven-on-Earth,

More than Ayurveda
All our programs are a blend of Ayurvedic treatments with Yoga, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Meditation, Marma, Ayurvedic diet and contemplative walks in our cosmic forest pathways. Our entire facility is built in a very sacred place and designed according to sacred geometry.
Mother Nature
Lie down in the lap of a paradise. Kevala is located in a sacred valley. Its like a basin surrounded by hills and forests. You will be inspired to go for nature walks in the unspoiled forest all around us to relax the body & mind and to explore the rare species of wildlife and birds, herbal plants, and tribal culture in the forest.
Responsible (Eco) Tourism
We are concerned with and committed to ethical, environmental and spiritual values to lead a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. We provide only pure vegetarian food. You won't see alcohol, drugs, meat products or plastic at Kevala Celebration Centre.

Nutritious, organic and hygenic

That's kevala’s food offering! For us, food is a medicine and you deserve to taste food in its most organic way. Our staff are simple and efficient -it would be like staying with a family.