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Retreats offered by Kevala Celebration Center:


Kevala Celebration Centre is one of the most alluring yoga retreat destinations of the world.  Headed by Maha Yogi Dr. Pradeep Ullal, the centre offers a wide range of yoga retreats offering the highest wisdom of yoga.

Here are top reasons why yoga enthusiasts love Kevala Celebration Centre:

  1. Unique Sacred space surrounded by Kevala cosmic forest, hills and pristine nature.
  2. Ideal weather with warm sunshine and clean air. Average temperature through the year is 24 degrees Centigrade
  3. Maha Yogi Dr Pradeep Ullal is a celebrated yogi offering the highest teachings of yoga.
  4. Organic vegetarian food, mineral stream water, fresh fruit juices
  5. Comfortable stay with spectacular views
  6. Friendly hosts, clean surroundings
  7. Eco- nature Sanctuary with great hygiene
  8. Great access and connectivity (pick and drop from Bangalore airport)

Yoga Retreats: Swarodaya | Surya Yoga | Nada Yoga | Laya Yoga| Kundalini

Heights of Yoga:

Combining advanced hatha Yoga practices and Shaktipat transmissions. A unique yoga retreat for all fitness abilities and for new-comers or experienced yoga enthusiasts alike.

  • 3 nights and four days of Nature, Pure Spring Water, Organic Fresh Vegetarian food and Yoga
  • Excursions into natural areas and ancient temples
  • Yoga Alliance Certified Instructors and authentic Himalayan Yoga Masters as teachers
04 Days Retreat: 12 -16 March, Facilitated by Peewee Sanchez and Dr. Pradeep Ullal

The deepest revelations of Science of Breath and its benefits for wellness in every aspect of our journey of realization.

02 Days Retreat: 20 -21 March, Facilitated by Dr. Pradeep Ullal
Surya Yoga

Re-discover the intense connection with the core of the sun. Absorb healing energies and dissolve diseases. Maha Yogi Pradeep Ullal ushers aspirants through Surya Yoga, a dynamic osmosis of Solar healing. He is hailed by many around the world as a respected Solar Masters, offering the science of Surya Yoga to heal and inspire in many ways. The Yogi will demonstrate ways to connect with the sun through simple and effective ways of Surya Yoga which brings about Pranic Healing and Spiritual Awareness through Solar Power. You can use this technique to bring ease and order into your daily life during the morning hours of sunrise, or the sunset.
Join in the Surya Yoga Retreats with Maha Yogi.

02 Days Retreat: Facilitated by Dr. Pradeep Ullal: Dates to be announced.

If you would like to join in the upcoming Nāda Yoga retreats with Dr. Pradeep Ullal - please contact us at

Nada Yoga:

Learn to raise frequency through chanting. intonations, overtones through a science of sound ns (cymatics).  Nada Yoga takes you on the deepest journey into soul and connects with the core niverse.

Nāda yoga is an ancient Indian metaphysical system. It is both a philosophical system, a , and- as the name suggests- a form of yoga. The system's theoretical and practical aspects are the premise that the entire cosmos and all that exists in the cosmos, including human beings, of sound vibrations, called nāda. This concept holds that it is the sound energy in motion han of matter and particles which form the building blocks of the cosmos.
Nāda yoga is also a way to approach with reverence and respond to sound. Sound and music is in this something more than just the sensory properties and sources of sensuous pleasure, sound and music idered also to play the role as a potential medium to achieve a deeper unity with both the outer inner cosmos.
If you would like to join in the upcoming Nāda Yoga retreats with Dr. Pradeep Ullal - please contact us at

02 Days Retreat: Facilitated by Dr. Pradeep Ullal: Dates to be announced.