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Music is the language of the soul. It is one of the greatest expressions that we are gifted with. Music also serves as a powerful bridge to unification of mind-body-spirit. Kevala provides a powerful music platform for an eclectic expression of folk, spiritual and world music to come together. A fusion of rarest kinds that is sure to heighten the celebrations. Kevala Cosmic Club Members will receive invites to exclusive live concerts at Kevala Celebration Center. We are inviting amazing musicians across the world to take part in our celebrations. Kevala Music Festival will also amalgamate art, dance, fashion, culture into its festivity to heighten sthe celebration.

Kevala Music Festival is emvisioned towards promoting talented world musicians under a single platform of expressing peace and healing. The unique festivals will be held in the spectacular space at kevala. Other attractions during the festivals will include music fairs, art, and Kevala cosmic festivities.

Kevala Festivals are great places to discover newer artists. At a regular concert, you go because you know and like that band and want to see it, but at festivals the lineup is varied and really diverse. You can read about little known but immensely talented artistes and discover new acts.

Kevala Music festivals are proposed to be bi-annual. Festivals are organized as non-profit and proceedings will be directed to charity trust activities.

Another type of music festival is the educative type, organised annually in local communities, regionally or nationally, for the benefit of amateur musicians of all ages and grades of achievement. While entrants perform prepared pieces in the presence of an audience which includes competitors, the essential feature of this type of festival is that each participant receives verbal and written feedback, there and then, from a highly qualified, professional adjudicator—someone whom they might never meet in any other way. They also usually receive a certificate, classified according to merit, and some may win trophies. The competitive element is often played down, however, as the important aspect is that participants can learn from one another. Such festivals aim to provide a friendly and supportive platform for musicians to share in the excitement of making music. For many they provide a bridge between lessons & examinations and performing confidently in public.