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Kevala Dance Festivals offers a rare oppotunity to witness some of the best dancers in action offering a plethora of Indian, western, latino, classical styles, fusion, shiva shakti, tantra themed performances. The events are envisioned towards promoting talented world class dancers and also offer opportunities to particupate in dance workshops and seminars. The unique festivals will be held in the spectacular space at kevala. Other attractions during the festivals will include Kevala cosmic festivities. Kevala Dance festivals are proposed to be bi-annual. Festivals are organized as non-profit and proceedings will be directed to charity trust activities.

Kevala Dance Festival will be launched in 2015 and will be the first of its kind dance event in the region. This three-day boogie bonanza will honour dancers, enthusiasts and aspirants with a memorable event to inspire from. The inaugural festival is a chance for the guests to show of their moves at its two nights of “dance until you drop” parties and a great opportunity to take the shimmies and sashays to another level with workshops and shows from some of the world’s top dancers.

The festival aim to present and showcase some of the top performances and instructors within several dance structures such as Salsa, Hiphop, Afro Rumba, Cha Cha, Bachata and many more.

Attendees of the event will be able to join in with the fun and showcase their dancing talent. All sincere participants are welcome to sign up and attend the event and bust some grooves along with the performers.

In addition to performers showcasing their outstanding skill, dancing instructors will also be on hand to teach attendees some vital dancing moves. The event presents a unique opportunity to engage and divulge into a unique world of dancing.

Visitors will be able to get a unique experience of the dancing culture within India. Attendees or guests will be able to visit the Kevala Dance Festival as groups or as individuals.

Watch out for Dance Workshops at the Festival :
Dance of Elements: Workshop by Shereen Saifuddin
Fusion Dance by: Rosa Rojas, USA