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KEVALA Foundation: Kevala Foundation is a registered ‘Charity Trust’ based at Chikmagalur in India. The trust headed by Dr. Pradeep Ullal serves as an inspiration to improve the quality of living through sharing awareness and attaining abundance through actions.

Kevala Foundation operates several functions to spread awareness and derive actions:

Kevala Celebration Centre : a unique celebration retreat that offers facility for residential awareness programs and guest rooms

Kevala Cosmic Forest : The first of its kind forest cluster combining 11 rare types of forests. The forests guarantee pure healing energies and vibrations absorbed from sun, moon, stars and celestial beings.

Kevala Gurukul : A initiative to uphold the values and wisdom of ‘learning-in nature’. The format provides opportunity to learn about yogic wisdom, ayurveda, veda, growing and protecting forests, organic farming, herbs, life skills, and so on.

Kevala Sacred Tours: A great opportunity to explore and absorb energies of sacred spaces around the world. Kevala team has organized much appreciated tours to the Himalayas, Arunachala, shiva and shakti centers, caves, temples, sacred lakes, rivers and so on. Our tours are thronged by a bunch of fun loving, friendly explorers who care for nature.

Purpose: To enrich humanity through guidance on wellness, blissful living and celebrating life through higher awareness.

Vision: Improve quality of living by Awareness, Abundance and Action


  • Growing forests and to spread awareness about environment protection and build action teams to protect forests, hills, rivers, lakes, plant trees, and help in restoration.
  • Help people to realize their true potential to empower themselves through life-skills
  • Helping people achieve balance in work, relationships, health & wealth
  • Empowering people to take collective action to serve humanity