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Friends of Kevala

Miracles Centre, Dubai: Miracles Centre is one of the leading wellness centers in Dubai. Founded and envisioned by Amrit Chand, it has been offering the services of experienced therapists, facilitators for a variety of wellness programs.  Miracles Centre has been instrumental in supporting Kevala Foundation Fund Raisers and have been partnering for wellness retreats at Kevala Foundation.

On Cloud Zen: Founded and moderated by Sarah Bladen, the popular blog site has been supporting Kevala foundation initiatives. Sarah has penned many articles on gamma wave transmissions, kundalini rising experiences with Dr Pradeep Ullal. On Cloud Zen has been instrumental in supporting Kevala fund raisers in Dubai.

Vajra Biotech, India: Vajra Biotech is an organic and fresh farm produce distributor. With access to organic farms in Chikmagalur, the supplies are of highest quality Vanilla, Amrit Noni juice, dry fruits, and so on. Headd by Sachidananda. Vajra Biotech has been supporting the Kevala Cosmic Forest initiative and licensing of the organic vegetable farm at Kevala site.

Satvic Solutions: Satvic Solutions is one of the leading industrial automation service providers. Satvic has been providing electrical and security surveillance monitoring systems for Kevala Foundation