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Kevala COSMIC FOREST: Kevala’s 11 unique forests (Vana) concept is an initiative to enrich our Planet Earth with pure vibrations. These forests are very rare and draw energy from cosmos and spread into the environment.

Kevala welcomes you to enjoy cosmic energies in a unique forest that connects with stars, planets and nature’s elementary forces. We have planted the forest along a spectacular spiral pathway. The forest is in a basin of a nature’s choicest bounty. Hills, silver oak forests, coffee estates, lakes, waterfalls and lily ponds surround the forest. The refreshing breeze, warm sunshine, and the fragrance of a rarest herbs and flowers welcome you to walk along the pathway that is shaped like a coiled kundalini energy (fibonachi spiral).

Kevala Cosmic Forest Features:

  • 11 cosmic forests to connect with powerful cosmic entities like ‘Big Bear’ constellation, Moon, Stars and Planets in our solar system.
  • Any person who walks by these trees is guaranteed huge doses of pure oxygen and rich exchange of pure vibrations.
  • 8 Acres of Oak Forests around the Cosmic Forests
  • Plan to incrementally plant and grow more Cosmic Forests and Oak Forests
  • A great choice of abundant nature and a conducive environment for de-stressing and relaxing.
The 11 Forests planned are:
  • 1.Panchavati Vana
  • 2.Navagraha Vana
  • 3.Nakshatra Vana (star forest)
  • 4.Nandana Vana
  • 5.Shiva Panchayatana Vana
  • 6.Raasi Vana
  • 7.Saraswati Vana
  • 8.Saptharishi Vana
  • 9.Santana Vana
  • 10.Brindavana
  • 11.Ashoka Vana
Why Kevala Cosmic Forests?
  • Cosmic forests offer pure enrichment of oxygen levels and contribute to the environment.
  • Forests protect and enrich soil.
  • Restore Ecological balance with variety of trees.
  • Contribute to earth magnetic /energy grid by receiving transmissions. from cosmic photon belt.
  • Offer a unique bounty of pristine nature and its benefits to all guests.
  • Attract rains and contribute to raising the water table.
  • Attract rare migratory birds with permaculture forests , herbs, water bodies, and contribute to bio-diversity .
Location Advantage: Kevala Cosmic Forests is located on foot hills of Chandra Drona hills, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Kevala is surrounded by 360 degrees of Western Ghats hill ranges that have the Bababudanagiri hills that is revered for its bounty of rare herbs. The abundance of rain fall, sunlight, and wind and conducive climatic conditions provide us a natural setting for growing cosmic forests