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Core Team of Kevala Foundation

Trustees of Kevala Foundation
Dr. Pradeep Ullal, Mr. Parthibhan, Mrs. Vinaya Varma are the current trustees.
We are adding more trustees by end of year 2014.

Core Group at Kevala Foundation
Core Group at Kevala is a happy and exciting bunch of gifted beings who with their immense intent and dedication have served Kevala Foundation initiatives. They are an integral aspect of all activities at Kevala Foundation. Their immense contribution, services, extended support has been crucial to the setting up of the Foundation and construction of the Celebration Centre.

The movement initiated by Kevala Foundation needs the support of genuine contributors. Thankfully we have been blessed with some amazing beings that have voluntarily helped us at every step in this project. We are open to include more people into our core group of the Kevala spiritual community.

This will enable you to take part an integral part of Kevala movement that includes spiritual community, charity initiatives, rural empowerment programs, forest growing initiatives, organic farming, environmental awareness campaigns, spiritual advancement programs, health and fitness programs, nature trails, sacred tours, music and dance concerts,

The Core Team at Kevala Foundation:
Dr Pradeep Ullal, Spiritual Head, Managing Trustee
Mr.Parthibhan Arumugam, Trustee,
Mr.Vinaya Varma Ullal, Trustee
Ms Sarah Bladen, Brand Ambassador
Mrs. Bhuvana Parthibhan, Consultant, Kevala Herbal Lounge
Mr.Shantaram Shetty, Head of Kevala Sacred Tours