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What is the concept of Kevala Celebration Center? Kevala offers one-of-a-kind concept to help people explore, experience and elevate their awareness. We will help aspirants unblock themselves and offer them techniques that enable them to attain quick results. We are privileged to have a serene, placid, green space that is easy to access from international airports and nearby tourist attractions. We have on-site natural mineral water source from our bore well. It’s something rare as source of ground water in India is depleted and polluted. Indian cities are noisy, polluted, crowded, and hard to navigate. Hence we are offering you a great relief of basking in abundant nature and specially created space for de-stressing and relaxing.

We are growing forests to connect with powerful cosmic entities like with big bear constellation, Moon, Stars and Planets in our solar system. This is a proven concept and there are about only handful of such forests in India and none of it in chikmagalur. Any person who sits by these trees is guaranteed enriched doses of pure oxygen, and pure vibrations of pristine nature.

We are creating an atmosphere that will inspire creative freedom that will help people come out of their rigid paradigms and celebrate their journey. Hence they will come back for more exploration and also refer us to aspirants that want to attain an elevated state of being a free spirit.

Many spiritual aspirants across the world are keenly following the progress of Kevala project. Dr. Pradeep Ullal a celebrated Yogi and spiritual scientist will guide programs at Kevala. He has inspired international students who understand the depth of his teachings and transmission and are excited about being at the pristine green space at Kevala. We will also invite other powerful teachers from different disciplines to conduct their programs at Kevala. This will increase the inflow of vibrant,

  1. Unique Wellness and Spiritual center offering residential programs to help people explore, experience and elevate their awareness, experience joyful living and enhanced levels of universal connectedness
  2. Residential programs to offer a unique combination of scientific techniques in a fun, relaxed and nature enriched ambience
  3. With teachers from across the world conducting their programs at Kevala, the center will be a hub of activities promoting health, fitness, social awareness, environment in a unique space that is non-political, and guided with intent for world peace, harmony and well being.
  4. Inviting and providing a unique space for all artists to express their creativity. (Musicians, Dancers, Painters, Sculptors, Writers, Film Makers, etc)
  5.  The facility will have uniquely designed meditation hall, sun lounge, and high energy caves befitting a Yoga ashram while blending it with comforts of a basic resort.
  6. Food nourishment offered is a combination of locally produced organic raw food, nutritious vegetarian diet that is contributing to health and wellness

What is Kevala Celebration Center? Kevala Celebration Center is the flagship of Kevala Foundation at Chikmagalur. The center will offer the teachings, and facilitate programs to explore, experience and elevate your potential by fine tuning your awareness. The space offers pristine natural bounty and ambience of a nature resort while helping you to progressively tap into deeper connectivity to your core essence within. The impact of this elevated experience will reflect upon deep awareness and clarity in your relationship at work and help you realize your goals that you have set in this lifetime. Kevala offers experiential, result oriented, residential workshops to enhance the quality of awareness at work place. 

Facility : Kevala Celebration Center
  1. Meditation Hall (200 capacity)
  2. Guest Rooms: 10 twin sharing
  3. Kitchen offering organic vegetarian meals
  4. 2 Dormitories  (separate for male and female)
  5. 8000 square feet open terrace offering  360 degree view of Hills and forests
  6. Kevala Lotus Pool
  7. Car Parking Space:  For 80 cars
  8. Semi Open Dining Space: 100 diners at a time
  9. Heaven on Earth-Wellness Spa
  10. Herbal Juice Lounge
  11. Library
  12. Wi-fi /Music Lounge
  13. Sun Lounge
  14. Organic Vegetable Farm
  15. Meditation Cave
  16. Kevala Cosmic Forests

Why is Kevala, a Celebration Center? Life is an eternal relationship with vibrations. We are all vibrations. Life on earth is meant to be a celebration of coming together of many vibrations. It is attitude that can shift us to higher altitude in our progressive journey. We celebrate when we become aware of our true state of being. Awareness is the pathway to true bliss. Celebration is our true nature. When the breath, body, mind, and soul are in immense harmony and connectedness, celebration just happens. Causeless joy overrides the limitations of all our pre-conceived ideas that are limiting us with fear, shame and guilt that has trapped us into ignorant states. 
Kevala Celebration Center combines the concept, essence and facility of a Nature Retreat and Yoga Ashram. Its location is fascinating as it is surrounded by 360 degrees of green top hills (6350ft a.s.l), silver oak plantations, coffee estates and forests. With great weather through the year (avg temperature is 22 deg C) and with great road network, the center will attract many reputed facilitators as well as guests who will attend the programs that we offer. Please visit www.kevalafoundation.org to see the description of residential programs that we intend to offer.
Kevala Celebration Center is born out of a growing demand from sincere spiritual seekers across the world who are thirsty for inner exploration and ascension to unity consciousness.
We already have requests from yoga practitioners, meditation groups for a serene place in India to conduct residential programs that offers hygienic kitchen, toilets, clean rooms, friendly service staff and a meditation space with high energy space that is conducive for their awareness exploration.
Moreover, Kevala will be an ‘open space’ for many events. Teachers will bring their student groups for many events like workshops, courses, nature trails, and so on.

Who will run the Kevala Celebration Center? Dr. Pradeep Ullal is the Spiritual Head of Kevala Foundation. The Trustees and Management staff will oversee the operations at the Kevala Celebration Center, Meditation Cave and Charity initiatives.
The Center will operate as a ‘Not for Profit’ organization and charge nominal fees from guests to enable services and sustenance of the center.
The celebration center will provide the basic comforts of a nature resort while providing the tranquility and calming energy of a Yoga ashram.
The center will invite expert teachers from across the world to share their awareness and hence offering a wide range of teachings.  Free programs and awareness campaigns will be offered to rural aspirants who are under-privileged. This is a part of charity initiatives.